Mission Brake Control  Call of Duty DMZ

Mission Brake Control Call of Duty DMZ

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Guide to the Brake Control mission, how to pass and complete the task in Call of Duty DMZ?

Mission: Brake control

Faction: White Lotus Level 2

Description: Let's get to the mission. We hired a driver to deliver a hard drive to us, but we haven't heard from him in a while. He was traveling north of Ahkdar. The most important thing is to recover the hard drive and deliver it to a secret cache in the sewers on Ashika Island. Remember, you are looking for the white trash. I don't need to tell you that the Shadow Company controls this area. So you need to act discreetly.


  1. Find the crashed car near the observatory.
  2. Find and extract the hard drive near the crash site.
  3. Leave the hard drive in a secret hiding place near the sewers on Ashika Island.


  1. KASTOW 762 (Contraband).
  2. 7,500 PD

Location: Ashika Island / Al Mazrah / Building 21

Difficulty level: Medium, it is worth having a companion to help you

Method of completion:

The crashed car is located on the dirt road between the city and the observatory on the Al Mazrah map. There are two vehicles - one on top and the other on the bottom. The hard drive is located in the car at the bottom, near the engine on the passenger side. It is worth remembering that there is only one disk in the entire server, which means that if you are late, it can be picked up by other players. After getting the disk, we need to go for extraction.

We then start the game on Ashika Island, where we go to the Secret Cache by the sewers on Ashika Island to place our disk.

It is worth noting that losing the disk on Ashika Island will force you to repeat the mission and get the disk again. Caution is advised during this mission.

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